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There are many different Asian betting options available to you if you know where to look. Whether you are going to be visiting areas of Asia or want to find online casino games to play from your computer, you will be able to do so quite easily, and there is plenty of entertainment to be found in this way. Some Asian games have become very popular in the Western world, leading to a proliference of them in land based and online casinos run by companies with American or European origins – and a legion of fans in the world of gambling.

One of the most popular Asian betting options of the moment, according to one of the top online gambling resources,, which has quietly been growing in popularity for several decades as a contender to bingo’s numbered game of chance, is keno. In this game you attempt to guess which twenty numbers will be drawn at random in the next round, and you get  a higher payout the more of them you are able to get right. The odds are amazing with this game – no one has ever been able to make a match of all twenty because it is just so unlikely! However, this is not a problem, since most casinos pay out the same for twenty matches as they would for eighteen or nineteen – meaning that you can hit the jackpot without having to perform the impossible. This can be a really fun game to play, combining the social element of bingo with the thrill of lottery games to create a unique experience that will capture your imagination.

Sic Bo is another popular Asian game which has earned its place in land based casinos for many years now. This dice game has become a staple that you will see in the table games area at any casino, and the online venues are no exception. With so many options available, this has managed to hold its own and remain popular amongst more well known games such as poker and craps, showing what an entertaining and worthwhile game many people consider it to be. These days, the switch to the online medium also means that there are a lot of other games that are being adapted for gambling purposes: you will be able to find casino versions of classic Asian games such as Sudoku and mah-jong, which previously would have been played for fun but are now more seriously used as a way to gamble against the house on the outcome of the game.

If you are visiting the countries in which these games originated in the first place, of course, you will have many more Asian betting options to choose from. Areas such as Macau and Singapore are now becoming famous for their high quality casino resorts, which can encompass enough entertainment and facilities for whole cities inside their huge complexes. Macau has even stolen the title of the capital of the gambling world from Las Vegas, so if you want Asian gambling this is the best place.